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Wednesday, August 03, 2016
By Jennae Geren, Fort Collins Photographer
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Gaynol's Intuition Workshop

By Jennae Geren, Fort Collins Photographer

What do a room full of seven students and one teacher do for three hours at an Intuition Workshop?

They use tools and exercises to sharpen their intuition.

Why is this important?

Take a look at your own life.  Have you noticed any synchronicities?  Do you see repeated symbols, numbers, hear repeated songs or words, or do you ever have hunches that turns out right?

Reverend Gaynol Wapotich, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Minister, Reiki Master Teacher and Clinical Hypnotherapist told her workshop students that their intuition is a road map of clues to their life purpose, desires and highest potential.

You may not get the full picture all at once, Gaynol said, but if you follow the symbols and hunches and listen to your inner voice that whispers, in time it leads to a beautiful unfolding.

This unfolding comes to fruition as the perfect job or career designed around who you are, the relationship you deserve, the body that feels and looks good, but most of all, clarity on your life purpose and living up the vision you have of yourself.

This is the class that we all should have taken in school.  From a pragmatic standpoint, think of all of the time you could have saved by listening to your intuition instead of milling around in the same life patterns getting nowhere or blundering off-course repeatedly.


The Intuition Workshop took place on a Tuesday morning in a large back room at Pathways Holistic Center & Apothecary.

If the workshop had taken place in any other building, casual observers breezing by might have paused perplexedly and cocked their head slightly to peer in the back room at the laughter where students twirled string devices and held iron rods, summoning answers.

At Pathways Holistic Center, this is a typical morning.  If you’re someone who hears voices, gently cups crystals under the full moon, or, when asked where your favorite place to hang out is, your response is “the astral plane,” then this is your community.

Gaynol though welcomes all people to her workshops, including novices and spiritual seekers.  Refining your intuitive skills is something we can all benefit from since we were all born with intuition, and Gaynol's workshops are a safe and fun environment to learn and explore.



Gaynol doesn’t host readings inside Pathways, although she does hosts most of her intuitive workshops here.  Instead, you can find her on Fridays-Sundays conducting readings in the backroom at Northern Lights or at private gatherings or holistic fairs.  (She also does readings via phone and from her home.)  You can find out more online here or at her schedule for the remaining of the year at the bottom of this article.



Gaynol is a highly-advanced Psychic/Medium who was born an empath and spent a lifetime educating and training herself through holistic healing arts.  She enhanced her medium skills at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and now provides powerful healing sessions.  I have used Gaynol a couple times myself and I found her to be one of the best Psychic/Mediums because she has given me direct and accurate clarity. 

So what tools did we use to receive our own clarity and sharpen our intuition in this workshop?



Quiz: We discovered what type of intuition we rely on the most – clairaudience (verbal/voice), Precognitive Dreaming (dreaming/symbolism), Prophetic Knowing (feeling/hunch), or Empathy or Sensing (feeling/emotion).  Intuitive people are usually either one or more of these: clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant.

Remote Viewing: We played a couple fun games where we were able to see something in our mind’s eye before we saw it with our physical eyes.

Meditation: This was powerful for the entire group.  Many people I believed experienced breakthroughs and clarity.

Pendulum: Gaynol gave us her fancy homemade pendulums (simply a string and a paperclip) but it did the trick!  We learned how to gather information by asking different types of questions.  We learned a “yes” answer made the pendulum swing one way and a “no” answer made it swing another.

Dowsing Rods: This was probably my favorite because this is another tool like the pendulum that will give you yes or no answers once you learn how to use it. 

At the end of the workshop we all conceded that we felt much more refreshed and clear-minded than we did upon entering.  It is truly worth taking the time to slow down and listen to your intuition. 

Following your inner voice is something all great people knew about but few today talk about.  It comes as a whisper, but if you follow it, it leads to life’s greatest discoveries.

Join Gaynol at the upcoming events listed below

or contact her at

or by phone at (970) 226-3456

The next Intuition Workshops will take place on Tuesday, October 11 from 9 a.m. - noon, and

Sunday, October 16 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. at Pathways Holistic Center.

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