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Geren Imaging goes beyond the typical portrait to create authentic, moving art with the bonus of a story about you and your business for your website and blog.  Your unique story is also shared through Geren Imaging's email newsletter, blog and social media.


Jennae Geren, the owner-operator of Geren Imaging, is a creative entrepreneur with a background in journalism and marketing.  She has also been a professional photographer servicing Fort Collins, Colorado and corporations abroad for 10 years.  Most of her clients are corporate - from small business owners to worldwide organizations, she captures beautiful portraits combined with unforgettable stories.



“I was a professional actor in NYC for years and had a lot of photoshoots and headshots. Jennae is by far the best...”

“Jennae captures your inner light in a flattering way revealing your personality. She emits your soul from your eyes.”

“I had a phobia of getting my portrait taken. This changed when Jennae captured who I am in a beautiful light with grace and ease.”

“...It was the first time I felt like a photo was actually able to capture who I felt like on the inside!”

"After I was featured by Jennae, I must have heard from nearly 200 people who previously knew nothing about the work I was doing in the holistic treatment of  Parkinson's disease. He photographs and video added content of   professional quality to my website.  Jennae is extremely creative with her camera and even more so with her vision."

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