Your Life

“Take care of your memories…for you cannot relive them.” – Bob Dylan


The number one regret that I hear from people who reflect back on their years once their children are grown-up, once decades, and different places and faces are behind them is this: they did not take care of their memories.

What does taking care of your memories mean?  It means memorializing them in a tangible, beautiful way – on your walls, in albums, in a place where you can reflect on them again and again.

Your memories should be heirlooms to show future generations. 

Geren Imaging can create an artistic, vibrant heirloom for you and your family – whatever that looks like.  My own home is teeming with personal, colorful art.  The memories that surround me are what makes my home unique and puts me at peace. 

The older we get, the more we realize the one thing that is the most valuable: time.  When that time is gone, what do we have?